Pinot Noir - The Perfect Easter Wine

When pairing lamb with wine for the traditional Easter lunch, full-bodied wines spring to mind to complement lamb that is slow-cooked and well done.  If, however, you plan to serve lamb that is cooked medium rare and pink, a lighter wine may match the delicate tenderness of the meat better, and nothing beats a good Pinot Noir.

Aside from the top producers in Burgundy, other regions with notable Pinot Noir are South Australia, New Zealand, California and Oregon.  The fresh styles of the cooler climate Pinots display beautiful red berry fruit combined with balanced tannins and earthy notes, perfect for young lamb but also for dessert such as Chocolate mousse and cherry pie.

A great example of a cooler climate Pinot Noir, is the range by JK Carriere, a 20 year old family winery set in 40 acres of organic, dry farmed vineyard, high in the Chehalem Mountains outside Newberg Oregon.

JK Carriere's beautifully elegant Vespidae Willamette Valley Pinot Noir is the cornerstone Cuvee of the winery, built for age and to pair with food, seamless and balanced.

Tasting Notes

The wine projects a medium garnet color. Full roses (floral), ripe resinous cherry, caramel, pepper spice and mossy forest laden the nose. After a few minutes it’s almost coffee/toffee in its dark linearity. In the mouth the wine is elegant and intense dark cherry/pomegranate, short of sweet and shy of bitter. The acidity sings vibrantly, yet just a brush of tannin lays it balanced on the palate.

Easter wine Pinot Noir JK Carriere

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